Art between ocean and fjord

Kunst i Slusen ART HVIDE SANDE, in collaboration with Holmsland Klit Turistforening, organizes an inspiring 14-day art exhibition in Hvide Sande every year. This unique event, which opens on the first weekend in August, brings art out of traditional settings and into a 120-metre corridor under the drainage lock.

About kunst i slusen

The history of art in the area dates back to the 19th century, when artists such as Laurids Tuxen and Mogens Ballin used Holmsland Klit and Nymindegab as an artist colony. Kunst i Slusen ART HVIDE SANDE carries on this legacy with an ambition to strengthen the understanding of art and present it in non-traditional locations.

Previous artists such as Erik Peitersen, Kaare Norge and Peter Viskinde have contributed to the diversity of the exhibition. The event in 2022 was further spiced up with visits from Sophie Louise Pedersen, Mingo Nørager, and Jacob Haugaard, which created fantastic days in Hvide Sande.

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Artists 2024

Lars H.U.G

Lars H.U.G – A well-known musician and songwriter who has also developed as a visual artist. In addition to his musical career, Lars H.U.G has also deeply committed himself to painting and created an impressive collection of works of art.

His paintings are an expression of his creative vision and deep connection to the world of art. With a unique style and use of colors and brush strokes, Lars H.U.G manages to create evocative and emotional works that capture the viewer’s attention.
Just like in his music, Lars H.U.G explores different themes and moods in his paintings. He often creates abstract compositions that invite reflection and interpretation. His works manage to create a connection between sound and visual aesthetics, where music and painting merge into a higher unity.

Lars H.U.G’s paintings have been exhibited both nationally and internationally, and his artworks have gained recognition and aroused interest from art enthusiasts and collectors.

Thomas Agergaard

A talented artist spanning saxophonist, composer and visual artist. He sees a deep connection between music and painting and feels an inner necessity and intuition in both disciplines. In contemplation, something magical and spontaneous occurs, and he works with the material until he feels a sense of balance.

Thomas Agergaard is driven by a wild and imaginative creative joy and a desire to experiment. As both composer and musician, he manages to create a symbiosis between colour, form and sound, where they meet and challenge listeners and observers.

His saxophone playing and compositions explore a wide range of emotions and expressions that touch listeners in a profound way. As a visual artist, he manages to create visual works that bring color and form together in a way that provides a unique experience for the viewer.

Mikkel Yerst

A talented glassblower with a passion for creating unique and aesthetically pleasing glass works of art. Mikkel Yerst is known for his ability to shape and transform glass into beautiful and artistic objects.

He is dedicated to exploring the unique properties of glass and expressing his creativity through form, color and texture. His glass artwork often captures elements from nature and combines them with his personal aesthetic, resulting in a fusion of elegance and organic beauty.

With a strong technical mastery of glassblowing and shaping, Mikkel Yerst manages to create works that arouse fascination and admiration. Each piece is unique and bears the mark of his dedication to the craft.

Irene Slot

A talented artist with a passion for creating beautiful and meaningful works of art. Through her art, Irene Slot conveys her thoughts and feelings in a unique and personal way.

Irene Slot is known for her ability to create intense and evocative works of art that capture the viewer’s attention. She manages to use colors, textures and shapes in a way that creates depth and layers in her works.

Through her works of art, Irene Slot challenges our perception of reality and invites us to reflect on deeper meanings. Her art is often symbolic and touches on themes such as identity, change and man’s relationship with the outside world.

Kunst i Slusen is a unique opportunity to experience these artists and their works up close. The art exhibition will take place in the impressive maneuvering corridor, which will form a unique and atmospheric setting for the art.


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The group behind consists of:

Gitte Lykke Kjeldsen,
Lei Iben Raunow,
Mette Matthiesen,
Henning Yde,
Leo Andersen & Jakob Gjerluff Ager